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New: "The M.A.P. Master Class" is live now!

Dig deeper into each step of the M.A.P. process so that you can formulate clearer goals, and use strategic backwards design to move from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Get started now, and get moving on your goals even faster.

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The world has changed a lot over the past couple of years, and not necessarily for the better. Right now, it needs a new kind of Witch. And that's you.

This new kind of Witch is ...

  • The Witch who wants to be able to contribute financially to favorite charities and causes.
  • The Witch who wants to heal the Earth.
  • The Witch who wants to positively impact the world around them on a daily basis.

But to do that, you have to get your own needs met first. For example: if you can't even afford to pay your rent, and feed your kids, you sure as hell can't afford to send $100 a month to The National Wildlife Federation.

Real Witches make an impact in the world around them. They make an impact in their own lives, the lives of their family, and friends, and in the lives of their larger community. Even if you're not aware of it, your Craft practice impacts the quality of mood in your neighborhood, and even the way you show up at work. Whether or not your own needs are met affects how things go in the community. I know this because we're all part of the Web of Life. And one string on the web is affected by every other string on the web.

And that's great! The Ultimate M.A.P. Creation Guide can help set you on the customized, step-by-step path to getting your needs met, and impacting the world on a larger scale.

But it might leave you with a few questions, like ...

  • How do I formulate my goal so that it actually inspires me to aim for it?
  • How do I break down my goal into steps that are realistic, and feasible for me to accomplish?
  • How do I use the M.A.P. to address my most pressing needs, and my most lofty goals at the same time?
  • How do I find the time to do all the magical AND mundane steps to get where I want to be?



Today, a newly released M.A.P. Master Class has arrived, which includes:

  • The Feasible Goal Formula

  • The Time Track Inventory and

  • The Backwards Breakdown Blueprint

Today is YOUR day! Because all you need is 3 simple tools to start down the starry road to bringing your dreams, and goals into reality.

You can definitely get your needs met, and start impacting the world with just The Ultimate M.A.P. Creation Guide. But these 3 video classes - The Feasible Goal Formula, The Time Track Inventory, and The Backwards Breakdown Blueprint - along with me showing you exactly how they're used to amp your Craft - will really juice your ability to fast track The M.A.P. system.

You become a Master - that's why it's called "The M.A.P. Master Class."

Tool #1: The Feasible Goal Formula

In The Feasible Goal Formula, we talk about ...

  • The similarities between a goal statement, and a statement of intent.
  • How to formulate your goal statements so that they lend themselves to magical intervention.
  • How to formulate goals that inspire you, and propel you towards achieving them.

Tool #2: The Time Track Inventory

In The Time Track Inventory, we go over ...

  • Some of the things that rob you of your time.
  • How most people are unconsciously prioritizing the wrong things in their lives.
  • How to track what you unconsciously prioritize, and start deliberately choosing your priorities.

Tool #3: The Backwards Breakdown Blueprint

In The Backwards Breakdown Bluepring, we discuss ...

  • Defining your Big Dream.
  • Chunking your Big Dream down into Objectives, and achievable Steps.
  • How to apply your magical interventions to each Objective, and each Step.

These 3 tools are The M.A.P. Master Class.

I hate pulling the old "Normally, these go for X amount of dollars ..." so I won't do that.

Instead, I'll just tell you that, in my mind, these steps are easily worth $150 each.


Because of what you can do with them. You could easily pay $450 for all three Tools, and use this stuff to completely transform your life. If we were to only look at it from a money perspective, you could easily use this 3-video training series to (over time) get a job making five figures, or even 10x the total value of the series (like $45,000 annual salary, which is actually small, if you do the math of what's required to thrive these days). Or, you could even start a business, if you plan the work and work the plan correctly, and end up making a crapton of money.

But that's just ONE example.

Let me ask you this: what does it cost you to NOT have more adventure in your life? Are you sad, and feel all alone and isolated, because you don't have a large social circle? If you're a social creature like me, that could eat you from the inside out. How much would it be worth to you if you could just have three or four close inner-circle-type friends with whom you could share your innermost secrets, and desires? Wouldn't it be awesome to just have someone to talk to about life, without fear of judgment, and without them wanting to constantly give you shit advice? You can have that by - once again - planning the work, and working the plan. Which you can do with The M.A.P. Master Class.

Obviously, I can't guarantee what kind of result you're going to get out of this because YOU actually have to USE IT. You can't just buy it, let it sit on your virtual bookshelf, and gather interwebs dust-bunnies. YOU HAVE TO ACTUALLY APPLY IT.

Clearly, I could ask $450 for the series, but I'm not.

And the reason I'm not is: this is my life's mission, my passion, and my personal imperative.

I want to help people - especially fellow Witches, Mages, Sorceresses, Warlocks, Sorcerers, and other Magic-Users - to live a life they deserve. I want you to take what I know, and what I use, and integrate it into your life as a habit. And as a habit, use it regularly to plan your magical and mundane action steps, and then DO THE PLAN. I want you to unlock the gate, step onto the path, and begin your journey towards the ideal life you deserve.

Go ahead. Follow the steps below ... and get The M.A.P. Master Class for $45.

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I know you’re probably sitting here wondering if this is real, if I’m real, if this whole shebang is really what I did to change my life.

Remember when I said this is really a mission for me, and a personal imperative?

Well here’s why …

I grew up with folk magic, and learned it from my great grandmother. She crossed into the Otherworld in 1994, and when I was sitting by her bedside, just before she passed away, she looked at me, and said, “Don’t let them tell you who to be.”

She was talking about my family - don’t let them tell me that I have to be straight, that I have to be in the Ministry (I’m 5th generation Ministry on one side, and 3rd on the other), and anything else they demand of me.

But did I listen? NOPE. I did it anyhow. She was trying to tell me not to give away my power to other people - especially to my family. But I did it, and quite honestly, it was the most horrid time of my life.

Years later, when I'm three years into Ministry, I completely lose it. And one day ...

I’m lying in my bedroom floor, and tears are streaming down my face. I can’t take it anymore. I can’t keep up this charade of ministry for the sake of trying to belong to some organization that doesn’t want me. I can't keep up the charade for my family anymore, either. It's eating me alive inside. I’m sick of the constant barrage of messages that I’m possessed by a homosexual devil, and that I need to resist this urge, and pray the gay away, or God won’t love me.

So I'm lying in my bedroom floor with tears streaming down my face, and I’m pressing the corner of a razor blade into my left wrist. I’m 100% ready to slice my arm, and get out of this horrible life forever. I'm completely done. I see no other way out. My Mom's paranoid schizophrenic, she can't keep a job, I'm $36,000 in debt because I can't let her go homeless or hungry. And I'm just about ready to plunge the razor blade into my arm, and be done with the whole fucked up mess.

And then my great grandmother’s voice comes into my ears, and says, “Don’t let them tell you who to be.” Her words echoed inside me as if they’d been screamed into a canyon. I fully believe with all my heart that my great grandmother came to me that day to stay my hand, and keep me alive. And she was NOT quiet about it.

So I wiped my tears, threw the razor blade into the trash, and called my Pastor over to my house. I gave him back the license to preach, stepped down off the praise team, and immediately left the church. And the moment I did that, the burden I felt, and the suicidal thoughts, all left me like a giant boulder had been lifted away. I was able to breathe again.

And I returned to the Feycraft that I’d been trained in during my teen years. I started using the folk magic of my youth, and my great grandmother’s secret book, and started planning my magical actions as if I were planning for a project. And I used magic to meet my partner (and we're still together, 13 years later). I reopened my Coven, and went to nursing school, passed my state exams, wrote a book, bought a house … I wasn’t satisfied with getting my nursing license, though, and I eventually discovered that what fulfilled me was not nursing, not my “night job,” but helping other people - especially fellow Pagans, Witches, Mages, Sorceresses, and other Magic-Users - who have been through horrible struggles in their lives to rise from the ashes of the past and start on their journey to real, tangible transformation, and fulfillment - to unlock the gate, and step onto the path towards the life you really deserve.

Follow the steps below, and get The M.A.P. Master Class for $45.

This is a special offer, and it’s for a limited time. So you only get The M.A.P. Master Class for $45 on this page, and I don’t know how much longer I’m going to keep it up with the coupon code.

So click the button below, get enrolled right now, and get started on your own journey.

Aim for the stars, and remember your roots.

Peace, blessed be, and namaste.

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