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Obstacle Smackdown

Obstacle Smackdown Work

Obstacle Smackdown work is good for those times when:

  • you feel like you're stuck, and can't figure out what to do next
  • you're bored, and need some new opportunities or ideas
  • you feel like you need a little more good fortune in your life
  • you've had a few conflicts with others, and just want to forget about them, and move on
  • you've been unemployed for a while, and are having trouble landing a new job
  • you're confused about something in particular, or maybe just feel unable to think clearly
  • you've not had the best of luck with past relationships, and want to open up the road ahead of you so that you can suss out a better one, and maybe make a better decision this time round
  • and so on.

If you're not sure if an Obstacle Smackdown can work for your situation, feel free to email me, and ask. (Put "Smackdown Question" in the subject, your question or situation in the body of the email, and send it to alan@theshamanwitch.com)

Obstacle Smackdown work includes:

  • correctly constructing your petition
  • full Puja (traditional offering ritual) to Ganesha, the Obstacle Breaker, over your petition
  • chant of Ganesha's traditional mantra over your petition, which is 108 repetitions (though I usually do 3 full rounds, or until I feel satisfied that it's enough)
  • and a 7-day (dressed and loaded) Ganesha/Road Opener candle burn*

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Within 24 hours, I'll email you about your desired petition. Tell me as much as you're comfortable telling me about the situation. I'll construct the petition, and then email you for approval. We can revise it up to 3 times. Once you've approved the petition via email, I'll give you the date that I will begin the work, which is always the Monday immediately following.**


Stripe Credit Card/Debit Card:

Processing ...

* Please note that I do not "read" candle burns. While I'm perfectly capable, and have a great grasp on this type of divination, the fact remains that doing this type of "read" on a petition-based candle burn is just demonstrating a lack of trust in the magical work, and the power of the Spirits. So no, I won't do it.

** This is a one-time service, for a one-time result, and you shouldn't keep asking about "how is it coming?" I will begin the work on your behalf the very next Monday after you've approved the petition. Again, this is because the Spirits see how you behave, and magic is not kind to us when we struggle to trust the work.

+ By United States Law, I have to inform you that this is "for entertainment purposes only," and I am not allowed to guarantee results.