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Phoenix Rising Online Coaching Program

Phoenix Rising Online Coaching Program

In the Phoenix Rising 1 Year Coaching Program, we begin by performing a Tarot reading I call "The Wheelhouse." It covers 7 areas of life:

  • Relationships (including blood relations, friendships, and romantic relationships)
  • Career (your job/business)
  • Finances
  • Contributions To Others (whether volunteerism, teaching, etc; can overlap with business)
  • Emotional and Physical Health
  • Spiritual Well-Being
  • Fun and Adventure

In each of these 7 areas, we talk about where you're at, do some visioning about where you'd like to be, what could be standing in your way, et cetera. We then map out a way to address the most major areas that you want to address over the next year. We develop a MAP (Magickal Action Plan) together, and I help you implement the strategies we create, including any sort of adaptation we need to make happen in order to accomplish what you're after.

Please note: there is literally no way that we can guarantee that you'll reach the star you're aiming for, because you have to do the work. But the reality is, if you plan the work, and work the plan, YOU can make huge shifts in your life. Some have even discovered that they've gone way beyond what they originally intended.

You get:

  • 2 video chats per month (with readings, channelings, discussions, spellcrafting instruction, and whatever work you and I determine needs to be done)
  • up to 2 email questions between video chats
  • worksheets, rituals, etc., that you may need to complete the Program

$300 per month, for 12 months.

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